Raum schaffen für Wissen und Fort-/Bildung

Creating space for knowledge and further education

Further education is the key to individual and social development. It enables people to develop their potential, strengthens democracy, promotes tolerance and enables us to make responsible decisions. So that knowledge transfer can develop its potential, well thought-out room concepts and functional tools support teachers, coaches and trainers in their tasks. The past year has made it clear, for example, that hybrid learning requires more than just a laptop. Customizable Conference systems support the intelligent integration of classroom teaching and online streaming in the hall. But also classic tools in the room such as the traditional Flipchart remain important in the learning process, regardless of the learning style. Flipcharts or Whiteboards are ideal for capturing thoughts and ideas and structuring them better. Here's how you can use roomours tools to set up your knowledge hub.

Mobile coaching

To ensure that the participants feel completely comfortable, coaching and training courses often take place in a familiar place. The coach is always faced with the challenge of a new environment. For a professional appearance, he simply brings his most important work tool with him: easily foldable, stable and unbeatably beautiful, our Wanderer is made exactly for this purpose. The Wanderer will be available in our shop shortly.


At schools, universities and other places of knowledge transfer, it is particularly important to create spaces that help us to focus on the respective topic. Generous presentation areas in the form of blackboards, whiteboards and flipchart pads offer plenty of space for varied and modern teaching methods.

Raum schaffen für Wissen und Fort-/Bildung

coaching space

The aim of coaching is basically to accompany and support people in their professional or private development. These conversations require a space that creates intimacy with its pleasant atmosphere and invites you to open up. Two comfortable seats, side tables placed at the side and a flipchart for explaining methods and processes are ideal for this.