Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -
Stehtisch Meet and Greet, Esche Rundholz -

High table Meet and Greet, round ash wood


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  • elegant and light standing table
  • easy construction
  • can be dismantled and stowed away to save space

Meet and greet - the practical bar table with its clear and reserved design is quick to set up. Shapely and functional at the same time, it can be used in many ways. As a stand for the laptop during the presentation, for a short and informal meeting or as a location for drinking glasses and small snacks in the catering area. After use, the bar table can be folded up just as quickly and stowed away to save space.

Note: Decoration not included.

    Maße H x B x T:
    110 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
    8 kg

    Data Sheet ⬇

    Tripod: solid wood (ash)
    Table top: Colored MDF with HPL coating

    Table top - cleaning and care

    Use soft cleaning utensils every time you clean. Light soiling can be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge and a little warm water. Do not use scratching sponges to avoid small damage to the surface.

    These would have a negative effect on the material properties and can lead to the originally hygienic and waterproof surface becoming porous.

    If the dirt is a little heavier, a commercially available, mild cleaning agent (e.g. washing-up liquid) can be added to the water.

    Wipe the table top with warm water after each cleaning.
    Warm water reduces the formation of streaks. It is best to dry the plates with paper towels.

    Wood - care and cleaning
    For regular cleaning, wipe the wood surface with a dry or slightly damp (not wet!) cotton cloth . Please do not use a microfiber cloth, as this may cause small scratches in the wood.

    Small stains or dirt can be easily removed with special furniture soap . Do not use any fat-dissolving household cleaners or steam cleaners, as these can damage the wood structure, which in the long run can also damage the elegant look of the wood surface.

    Heavier soiling that cannot be removed by simply wiping can be easily removed with fine sandpaper. Then treat the affected area again with a suitable furniture oil.

    Water stains must first be completely dry before they can be treated. Can only be treated after they are completely dry.

    Please note: Wood is a natural material that always shows differences in structure and color, making each individual product unique. Unfortunately, this also means that a wood sample or digital image of wood can only approximate the structure and color of the real product. All roomours blades are oiled to emphasize and protect the properties and natural look of the material.

    The FSC-certified wood for all roomours products comes from Germany, Austria or the Czech Republic. Products with this "Forest TÜV seal" must meet strict sustainability standards and are checked regularly.

    Volumenversandgewicht: 26kg

    Die Versand­kosten ergeben sich aus dem gesamten Volumen­versand­gewicht der Bestellung.

    Delivery is on curbside. Due to its size and bulkiness, we ship this product via a freight forwarder. Packaging materials cannot be disposed of or taken away by the carrier.

    Details on shipping and how shipping costs are calculated: Shipping information

    assembly instructions ⬇

    This product is delivered disassembled. The assembly consists of joining parts together using the supplied assembly kit. This process is simple and requires no special tools other than a screwdriver and the parts provided.

    Pre-assembly on request
    If you don't want to or can't assemble the product yourself, please ask us for an individual offer for an assembled delivery! Contact details

    Unsere Produkte sind in wenige Packstücke verpackt, um die Sicherheit während des Transports zu gewährleisten, einfaches Heben und Tragen zu ermöglichen und den ökologischen Fußabdruck zu reduzieren. Die Verpackung selbst ist ebenfalls umweltfreundlich, da fast kein Kunststoff verwendet wird und wir Kartonagen recyceln.

    Sollten Sie mehrere Produkte bestellen, kann es vorkommen, dass wir auf Palette liefern.

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